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    This website, including any section and/or sub-section accessible through the homepage (henceforth referred to as “the Website”), is the property of, edited by and maintained by DORNA WSBK ORGANIZATION S.r.l. and/or any parent or affiliated subsidiary (henceforth referred to as “DWO”). We request that you bear in mind and take note upon accessing, browsing or utilizing the Website, the User accepts the terms and conditions indicated in this document and any additional terms and conditions indicated in any part of the Website, without limits or reservations

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    Any material presented in the Website including, but not limited to, audio, images, software, text and/or video clips (henceforth referred to as “Content”) is protected according to the Intellectual Property Laws. The Content should not be used, apart from in the form specified in this document, and it remains prohibited to eliminate references to copyright or commercial brands and any other corresponding references from the Content. Any unauthorized use of Content will be prosecuted.

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    The User is only authorized to use the Website for personal purposes. Supply, exchange, modification, selling and transmission of any Content at which the User may have access through the Website for any purpose is not permitted, whether it is for free or paid.

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    By accessing to the Contents offered via the Website, the User will only have access to view said Content whilst connected to the Internet, for as many times as the User desires whilst connected to the Website. However, the User is not authorized to copy said Content to their computer or any other storage device, nor distribute it to third parties for free or for financial gain. If this is contravened, then the User acknowledges it will be infringing the law and acknowledges to be abide with any corresponding claim that may arise to cure the damages caused.

Privacy Policy

Visiting the Website does not oblige the User to submit any information of a personal nature. However, when registering to the Website and booking the services promoted through the Website the User is required to and accepts to submit any personal details, the User is aware of, accepts and recognizes that any information of a personal nature provided remains subject to:

  1. In compliance with the Italian Personal data protection Code, as referred to in Italian Legislative Decree no.196/2003, in accordance with the Directive 95/45/CE, of the European Parliament and Council, dated as of October 24th 1995, any personal details given will be stored in a personal data file pertaining to DWO. The User is hereby informed about and expressly lends their consent to the incorporation of said details in said file and their use for the ends henceforth mentioned.
  2. The User accepts that DWO registers the data file so that it can be used in the manner here indicated. This permission may be withdrawn only subject to request from the User. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, DWO may keep the data file until any actions that may arise from the relations between the parties have prescribed. The requested data is appropriate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the final means for which it shall be used, the terms and services required, mentioned and legitimized by DWO as supplier of said services.
  3. The User expressly recognizes and accepts that DWO utilizes the collected information for the following purposes: the technical administration of the Website, provide the services offered under the Website, the investigation and development to the end of obtaining and maintaining a high level of service and for the information of clients (newsletters), personalizing the Content seen by the User, to carry out the sending of requested information, products and/or services to the User, and in order to contact the User in relation to special themes such as new products/services. Unless the User expressly declines it, DWO will use his/her personal identification information to keep the User informed of information and offers related to the SBK Pit Lounge area or the WorldSBK and/or other competitions in which DWO, or any of its parent or affiliated companies, may be involved. DWO reserves the right to send this information to third parties related to DWO, or to any of its parent or affiliated companies, to the SBK Pit Lounge area, to the WorldSBK and/or to other competitions. DWO reserves the right to send and User agrees to receive, save if User declines it during the registration process, promotional and commercial communications from DWO, any of its parent or affiliated companies or commercial partners, including but not limited to promotions, offers, advertisements, marketing materials, brochures or other promotional or commercial communication of such entities.
  4. The User expressly recognizes and accepts that DWO may send the information provided by the User to third companies for commercial and/or promotional purposes, either for DWO or for such third companies. DWO will require to the receiving parties of User’s information to treat such information complying with the relevant applicable law.
  5. The User holds the right to access said information, to correct it if the details are incorrect and/or to request the cancellation of the aforementioned file. This right can be exercised by contacting DWO through the email or through letter addressed to: Viale Luca Gaurico 9/11, 00143 Roma, ITALIA .
  6. When proceeding with the collection of details, the voluntary or obligatory nature of such details will be clearly indicated. Declining to supply details considered obligatory will lead to the rejection of accessing the service for which they are required.
  7. If the User acquires from DWO a SBK Pit Lounge Package through the Website or by any other means and becomes a “SBK Pit Lounge Pass Holder”, the User/ SBK Pit Lounge Pass Holder expressly accepts and abides to be bound by the conditions set out in the SBK Pit Lounge Condition and DWO Policies, which the User acknowledges and expressly accepts, as well as any other conditions determined by DWO from time to time and/or as displayed at the Event to which the SBK Pit Lounge Pass grants access to, as well as by the terms and conditions of the Website.
  8. Specifically and in relation to the SBK Pit Lounge Package reservation and booking, the User hereby acknowledges and accepts the following conditions:
  9. RESERVATIONS AND BOOKINGS: User may reserve SBK Pit Lounge Package through the Website on the section “Book Now” of the Website, acknowledging that in such process the User shall submit its personal details according to Clause 5 of these terms and conditions. Such process allows the User to reserve SBK Pit Lounge Packages for different Events of WorldSBK. Upon the completion of the reservation process, the User will receive an e-mail confirming and reservation containing all the relevant details of such reservation. Upon receipt of DWO’s e-mail with the details of User’s reservation, the User shall have a period of seventy-two (72) hours to confirm to formalize the reservation and firmly book the required SBK Pit Lounge Package, always subject to DWO’s availability, by paying the relevant SBK Pit Lounge Package according to the following:
  10. i) Payment must be made in Euros and only by bank transfer to the account indicated in the Website and/or DWO’s e-mail containing the details of User’s reservation.
  11. ii) Full payment is due within seventy-two (72) hours from User’s reservation.

iii) Proof of payment shall be sent to DWO by e-mail to or by fax to + 39 06 50966450;

  1. iv) The SBK Pit Lounge Package are not officially booked until DWO has received proof of payment of the required SBK Pit Lounge Package.

Upon DWO’s receipt of User’s full payment within seventy-two (72) hours from User’s reservation, the SBK Pit Lounge Package reserved shall become firmly booked.

Should the User fail to pay in full the SBK Pit Lounge Package within seventy-two (72) hours from User’s reservation through the Website, such reservation will be cancelled and DWO shall not be liable before the User or any third party in relation to such cancellation.

  1. DEADLINE FOR BOOKINGS SBK Pit Lounge bookings must be confirmed to DWO and the corresponding bank transfer receipt forty five (45) days before the event, at the latest. Admission is always subject to availability.
  2. The only accepted method of payment is via a bank transfer (bank details are on the Registration Form). The SBK Pit Lounge Package are not officially booked until DWO has received proof of payment of the required SBK Pit Lounge Package .
  3. Only after receiving the proof of payment, DWO will send the acquired SBK Pit Lounge Package as requested. (By courier: EU fixed fee €15, ExtraEU fixed fee €50, Accreditation Centre: free of charge. Invoices will be sent accordingly
  4. CANCELLATION FEES: All and any cancellation shall imply at least, a cost of 10% in exchange of DWO’s administrative expenses.




- More than 60 days prior to the event: 10% of the total amount will be kept by DWO in exchange of DWO’s administrative expenses.

- From 60 to 45 days prior to the event: 50% of the total amount will be kept by DWO in exchange of DWO’s administrative expenses.

- Less than 45 days prior to the event: 100% of the total amount will be kept by DWO in exchange of DWO’s administrative expenses.

SBK Pit Lounge:

- More than 45 days prior to the event: 10% of the total amount will be kept by DWO in exchange of DWO´s administrative expenses.

- From 45 to 30 days prior to the event: 50% of the total amount will be kept by DWO in exchange of DWO´s administrative expenses.

- Less than 30 days prior to the event: 100% of the total amount will be kept by DWO in exchange of DWO´s administrative expenses.

  1. Should any Event not be finally held or be fully cancelled, DWO will only reimburse the amount paid for the booked SBK Pit Lounge Package , not being responsible for any further or additional expenses incurred in relation to other services not provided by DWO. DWO will only respond to the person who made the reservation, not to any final holder of the SBK Pit Lounge Package.
  2. DORNA WSBK ORGANIZATION S.r.l. is not responsible for any SBK Pit Lounge Packages, tickets or services offered by or purchased from different parties other than DORNA WSBK ORGANIZATION S.r.l., or any of its authorized agencies.
  3. The User is obliged to comply with any additional conditions indicated on the Website, likewise any conditions able to be modified in accordance with necessary through a change in law. DWO will be permitted to modify any part of the present Terms of Use at any given moment, at its sole discretion and without prior notice to the User. Continuing to use the Website after such changes have been published indicates an acceptance of said changes. DWO reserves the right to modify, cancel, alter replace, change, interrupt or suspend any Content published on the Website, be it temporary or permanent, without prior notification or assuming any responsibility.
  4. The User acknowledges and recognizes that transmissions through the Internet are never totally private and secure, unless indicated to the contrary. Sending a message to DWO does not imply that DWO has special responsibility as regards the User.
  5. DWO offers links to other websites solely for the convenience of visitors, and is not responsible for the content of any page accessed through the Website. The existence of links to any other page from the Website does not mean that DWO approves of, subscribes to or recommends said page. DWO is not responsible for Content from third parties. DWO absolves itself of any guarantee, explicit or implicit, in relation to the accuracy, legality, exactitude or validity of any other page.
  6. DWO assumes no responsibility, including but not limited to, negligence on the side of DWO, for any loss or damage caused to computers or software deriving from use of the Website, or from the downloading of material, data, text, images, audio or video from the Website, whether it be caused by a virus or any other form.
  7. The present Terms and Conditions of Use, and any other additional conditions published on the Website, constitute a full agreement between DWO and the User in relation to the use of the Website. The present Terms And Conditions Of Use are subject to Italian law, without reference to legal norms, and in the case of a dispute the User it will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Rome, Italy.

To contact with the right holder of the domain name www.[ENTER].com you may send an e-mail to, or by post mail to DORNA WSBK ORGANIZATION S.r.l  with domicile in Italy, Viale Luca Gaurico 9/11, 00143. The VAT number of DORNA WSBK ORGANIZATION S.r.l. is IT-09251551009.



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